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The Milton Is Taking Names


The Milton is taking names for residential leasing. Our target for opening the residences is Fall 2024. We are busy finishing the residential interior upper levels, and crews are working their way up floor by floor to complete punch-list items in preparation for final City of Rockville inspections.

The Milton at Twinbrook

Our crews are working diligently to prepare The Milton for residential occupancy. Those of you interested in leasing at The Milton can visit our new website at

Halpine Road Work

A view of the freshly paved Halpine Road looking toward Rockville Pike (Rt. 355). The newly constructed medians and plantings are in place. Sidewalk surfacing and tree planting are in the works now that fiber optic work has been completed.

Chapman Avenue

View of Chapman Avenue from the intersection with Halpine Road. We will be installing traffic and pedestrian signals at Chapman and Halpine.

Rockville Pike and the new Festival Street

The corner of Festival Street and Rockville Pike will feature outdoor seating space at Wegmans. Festival Street is anticipated to open July with a pedestrian signal and traffic light on Rockville Pike.

Creating a Safer Walking and Biking Experience

To enhance the pedestrian and bike-riding experience, we are creating a wide expanse between Twinbrook Quarter and Rockville Pike featuring (from right to left) a wide paved sidewalk, a green buffer zone, a paved asphalt bike lane and a wide area of grass and plantings between the bike lane and the Pike.

The Milton Courtyard is Like No Other

Trees and other plantings on the courtyard are growing with the help of sunshine and rain!


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