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Second Crane to be Installed on Site

The second construction crane will be erected on the Twinbrook Quarter site on February 27. The crane is located on the northwest corner of the construction site, along Route 355. All of the work will be done within the confines of the site, so no road closures are necessary.

There will eventually be three cranes operating on the site. We will keep you posted as we approach the date for erecting the third crane, to be located on the east side of the site, mid-block along the future Chapman Avenue. As a reminder, the first crane (seen in the above photo) is located within the site, on the corner of Halpine Road and Route 355.

Foundation Work has Started

We have started pouring the foundation for the first building, starting at the bottom of the underground garage. This work will continue for quite a while.

Excavation Continues

Excavation of the site will continue for another month or so.


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