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Excavation Phase Begins

8-26-21 You’ll start to see a lot of activity on the site beginning in September. Our work begins in earnest to commence digging for the garage under the Phase One building. We are now working to install sediment control measures, which will contain run-off from the construction site. This will take a few weeks, weather permitting, after which we begin removing asphalt. At that time you’ll begin to see dump trucks coming and going from the property.

We’re also creating two construction entrances on our property – one on Rockville Pike and the other at the intersection of Chapman Ave. and Halpine Rd. All construction related activity will take place on-site.

Installing Piling for Foundation

As we excavate for the underground garage, we’ll also start pile-driving, which installs the piling – or vertical structure – for the building’s foundation. Pile-driving will most likely start in mid-September and will last for a few weeks, weather permitting. We don’t expect this work to have much impact on homes in Twinbrook, as they are a distance away from the site.

Construction Hours

Hours of operation at the construction site are 7 AM–7 PM Monday through Friday.


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