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Level 6 and Moving Upward


We are happy to report that our construction work is progressing on schedule. Level 5 concrete is now complete. Level 6 will be completed next week, and Level 7 will be completed in approximately two weeks, weather and holiday schedules permitting. The framing for Level 8 concrete will begin next week.

Conditions and weather permitting, we hope to complete pouring all levels by late Spring/early Summer 2023. We will begin constructing the building façade in early 2023.

Stormwater Management at Twinbrook Quarter

We are taking a number of steps to improve stormwater management at Twinbrook Quarter Phase 1. The original condition of the site had no green roofs, stormwater treatment or storage systems and had less than seven percent pervious surface, resulting in water flowing towards curbs and low points on the property before entering the City’s stormwater system.

Once Phase One is complete, we will have more than tripled the amount of pervious surface. Moreover, fully one-third of the building footprint will be dedicated to green roofs. Four new stormwater management underground vaults and a micro-bioretention facility will retain stormwater runoff, slowly releasing it into the City’s system.

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