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Façade Layering Has Begun


Good news! We have started work on the building façade. Constructing the façade is done in layers, starting with steel framing, followed by blueboard sheeting, black weatherproofing and window frames. The crew will start laying the exterior brickwork in a few more weeks, beginning with the portion of the building that will face the extended Chapman Avenue. This phase is a big step forward in the construction process that will make the structure come “alive.” Approximately 400 crew-members are working on site.

Passersby may notice other changes to the site. One noticeable difference is that we have one less crane on the site. The second crane will be removed in the coming weeks and we expect that the last crane will be removed by the end of April. Exterior lifts remain in place to carry heavy material up to the construction crews on various building levels.

In addition to the work on the outside, we are installing piping and ductwork throughout the inside of the building.


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